We want to help you get the okay to attend Workforce Summit 2022!  Use the following sample request  to help convince your manager to authorize your participation; we recommend that you focus on how this event will serve your professional growth, the needs of your agency or organization, and those it serves.

Additional resources regarding cost and educational programs are available here.

Sample Letter

Dear [Name of Addressee],

I am seeking approval to attend the IAWP Workforce Summit, June 15-17, 2022 in Salem, Oregon.

The Workforce Summit targets workforce and economic development topics and offers a unique opportunity for me to gain knowledge of developing issues from industry thought leaders.  This event will equip me with new ideas and understanding that I can utilize to identify more efficient practices and proven solutions for [Name of Organization].

The Workforce Summit is an annual, national conference hosted by the International Association of Workforce Professionals that is attended by professionals from all areas workforce and economic development. The return on investment for this event is very high as it is the most affordable workforce conference in the nation.  [And because I am a member of the International Association of Workforce Professionals, I am also entitled to discounted member registration rates.]

Keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops sessions will explore all facets of the workforce profession, I already have my eye on a few programs that I feel will serve me in my position.

  • [List Relevant Educational Programs]

In addition to the educational offerings, Workforce Summit 2022 will afford me a great opportunity network and interface with workforce and economic development colleagues from across the U.S. to expand my professional network.  A network of knowledgeable and experienced colleagues can be a valuable resource when new challenges arise.

I would therefore appreciate it if you would consider supporting my attendance at this conference by paying for my registration (ENTER AMOUNT), my travel (ENTER AMOUNT), and my time while attending.

It would be an honor to represent [Organization Name] at Workforce Summit 2022 and capitalize on this valuable opportunity to learn new and better ways to serve our [agency, organization, school, college, program], and those we serve.  Upon my return, I would be happy to develop a report outlining what I learned and share it with you and all applicable personnel.

Thank you for your consideration and I’d be happy to answer any questions.


[Your Name]

Our staff is always happy to help and welcomes questions. If we can provide any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Good luck, and we hope to meet you in June.

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IAWP is proud to host Workforce Summit 2022.  Also known as the International Association of Workforce Professionals, IAWP, strengthens the workforce system by developing, educating, and connecting workforce development professionals.

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